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Many people have dreamed of being a star of motion pictures, television, or the theater. In Everybody Is an Actor: The Psychophantic System, Dr. Richard R. Reichel, who describes himself as a film producer, writer and casting director, aims to explain to prospective actors how to be more believable.

– Blueink Reviews

The Psychophantic system empowers you to be a working actor and improve communication skills for reaching any goal. The system teaches how to attract cooperation from people vital to your success, and how to transmute imagination into reality. Dr. Reichel, is an award winning film producer who helped bring actor Jackie Chan to the U.S.

Dr. Reichel provides facts, stories and exercises- a total education about the film industry, its psychological rules, and how to create a win-win outcome for any goal. The unique “Imaginary Slyph” exercise, similar to Paracelsus philosophy, teaches how visualization can convert into reality.

– “The Mindquest Review Of Books” published by Lightword Publishing